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UPDATED JANUARY 12, 2017 ***  TO SLOW DOWN OR REVERSE DIRECTION OF SCROLL, MOVE sTMOUSE LEFT ON SCROLL BAR  ***  TO SPEED UP MOVE MOUSE RIGHT ***       ****   ***   NEXT SUNDAY DANCE JANUARY 22nd AT GREENFIELD 1P-4P, WEDNESDAY SHALIMAR COUNTRY CLUB LAST DANCE OF THE YEAR 530P-830P,; MONDAY AND FRIDAY VIEWPOINT 930A NULINE, 1030A IMPROVERS, 1115A INTERMEDIATE, THURSDAY GREENFILED 900A STARTER, 930A NULINE, 1030A IMPROVERS, 1115A INTERMEDIATE ***       ***       Next month and UP coming:   ----   JANUARY, Monday and Friday AM NuLine 9:30a, Improver 10:30a, Intermediate 11:15a. Thursday AM class at Greenfield Starter/Beginner8:45a, NuLine 9:30a, Improvers 10:30a, Intermediate/Advanced11:15a  ----    ----   Tuesday City of Tempe classes begin registration on Dec 5th, Pyle 1:30pm beginner, 2:30pm Easy Intermediate, Vihel 6:30pm Beginner, 7:30pm Intermediate 8:30pm Advanced Wednesday Shalimar 5:30pm beginner dance, free beginner lesson at 6:00pm, 6:30pm free main teach, come dine, drink, dance; ----   NOTE THE SCHEDULE TIME CHANGES IN CLASSES AND LOCATIONS ----     ----   Have a great day & see you on the dance floor! Let us know.  ----   That's it for now..Happy dancing..Fran.. ****  ****  


We appreciate your feedback as we strive to make your line dancing experience a pleasant one.

Another birthday celebration at Shalimar Golf & Country Club.

Come on out to "SHALIMAR COUNTRY CLUB" on
Wednesday evenings for Line Dance Classes.

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