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UPDATED AUGUST 12, 2016 ***  TO SLOW DOWN OR REVERSE DIRECTION OF SCROLL, MOVE MOUSE LEFT ON SCROLL BAR  ***  TO SPEED UP MOVE MOUSE RIGHT ***       ****   ***   WE ARE IN THE PROCESS OF CHANGING OUR PHONE SERVICE AND WILL BE OUT FOR ABOUT 4 DAYS. WEDNESDAY SHALIMAR COUNTRY CLUB 530P-830P, "FRANKIE FEVER, PIECES, CORAZON DIA MANTE", CITY OF TEMPE CLASS REGISTRATION IS GOING ON NOW. ***       ***       Next month and coming:   ----   Monday and Thrusday AM classes at Greenfield Palms 8:45a NuLine, 9:45am Beginner/Improvers, 1030am Intermediate/Advanced  ----    ----   Wednesday Shalimar 530Ppm beginner dance, free beginner lesson at 6:00pm, 6:30pm free main teach, come dine, drink, dance; ----   SUNDAY DANCE GREENFIELD 1230P TO 3P ----    ----     ----   Have a great day & see you on the dance floor! Let us know.  ----   That's it for now..Happy dancing..Fran.. ****  ****  


We appreciate your feedback as we strive to make your line dancing experience a pleasant one.

End of season 2016 LD Group Picture

Come on out to "SHALIMAR COUNTRY CLUB" on
Wednesday evenings for Line Dance Classes.

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