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UPDATED APRIL 6, 2018 ***  TO SLOW DOWN OR REVERSE DIRECTION OF SCROLL, MOVE MOUSE LEFT ON SCROLL BAR  ***  TO SPEED UP MOVE MOUSE RIGHT ***       ****   ***   MONDAY VIEWPOINT 9A NULINE, 10A BEGINER/IMPROVER, 11A INTERMEDIATE,***  *** SHALIMAR WEDNESDAY NIGHT AT 6:30P FOR THOSE JUST STARTING. WE START OFF WITH OUR BEGINNERS DANCE TO PRACTICE WHAT W LEARNED THE WEEK BEFORE; FROM 5:30P TO 6:30P FOLLOWED BY THE MAIN TEACH AT 6:30P; THEN WE DANCE UNTIL 8:30P***TONERS & SHAPERS, MONDAY, WEDNESDAY, FRIDAY 9:15A, STRETCH AND TONE MONDAY, TUESDAY, WEDNESDAY, FRIDAY 10:30A***       ***  ***SUNDAY DANCE APRIL 8TH AT GREENFIELD 1:00P TO 3:30P ***     THIS WEEK: MONDAY VIEWPOINT RV 9A NULINE, 10A BEGINNER/IMPROVERS, 11A INTERMEDIATE,   -- Tuesday City of Tempe classes at Pyle 1:30P beginner, 2:30P Easy Intermediate, Vihel 6:30P Beginner, 7:30P Intermediate 8:30P Advanced--     GREENFIELD 845A NULINE, 1015A IMPROVERS, 1115A INTERMEDIATE   -- Pyle 9:15A Toners & Shapers M,W,F, 10:15A Stretch and tone M,T,W,F--    --WEDNESDAY AT SUNLAND SPRING EAST WILL RESUME IN NOVEMBER--   Wednesday Shalimar 5:30P beginner dance, free beginner lesson at 6P, 6:30P free main teach, come dine, drink, dance; ----   NOTE THE SCHEDULE TIME CHANGES IN CLASSES AND LOCATIONS ----     ----   Have a great day & see you on the dance floor! Let us know.  ----   That's it for now..Happy dancing..Fran.. ****  ****  


We appreciate your feedback as we strive to make your line dancing experience a pleasant one.

Thanks to all our volunteers, this doesn't show all of you and you were missed.

Come on out to "SHALIMAR COUNTRY CLUB" on
Wednesday evenings for Line Dance Classes.

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